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Not Your Average Joe - Captain: Kali Hieb
We invite you to join us in celebrating individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities at the 2017 Designer Genes Buddy Walk on Sept. 23rd!  Fun, friends, and an opportunity to support the efforts of Designer Genes in promoting acceptance and inclusion start at 10:00 a.m.  At 11:00 p.m. join us for a celebration of potential and the walk. Whether you walk with our team or are there in spirit, your involvement is important.  Although awareness and acceptance are our primary focus of the Buddy Walk, should you choose to make a financial contribution, know that your donation helps to further our work to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families. #DGBW2017  #dgbuddiesrock

Hello Buddy Walk PEEPS!

This year marks JOEY's 10th BUDDY WALK!!   What???  I don't know where time goes but we are excited to celebrate!

If you can join us for the walk this year, here are some details:

Meet at the Capitol Grounds by 10:15am.  

Find us:  Team name:  NOT YOUR AVERAGE JOE.  T-shirts are charcoal gray with green and turquois design.  I will also have similar colored balloons at our gathering place.

It is important to me to get a good team photo so we will be doing that as soon as everyone arrives, but this must occur prior to the actual walk (which starts at 11:00am.

This site is for anyone to:

1)Register for the walk.  This means you will be there physically...

2) Register for the walk and donate.  $10 gets you a backpack.  this website saves you a wait in line on the day of the walk.

3) Donate (you will not be at the walk physically and will not receive a backpack but love Joey so much you want to donate on his behalf)

PLEASE contact me with any questions about this event or the process of registering/donating.  

We really hope to see you at Joey's 10th BW!  Kali

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Kevin J. Kosse
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Shirley Kennick
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The Kuch Fam
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Sandi Hoogendoorn
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Kali Hieb
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Janelle Portscheller
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