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Liz is on FIRE! - Captain: Roxane Romanick
We invite you to join us in celebrating individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities at the 2017 Designer Genes Buddy Walk on Sept. 23rd!  Fun, friends, and an opportunity to support the efforts of Designer Genes in promoting acceptance and inclusion start at 10:00 a.m.  At 11:00 p.m. join us for a celebration of potential and the walk. Whether you walk with our team or are there in spirit, your involvement is important.  Although awareness and acceptance are our primary focus of the Buddy Walk, should you choose to make a financial contribution, know that your donation helps to further our work to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families. #DGBW2017  #dgbuddiesrock

I am Elizabeth Romanick and please donate if you can't come to the walk.  if you are available could you please come to the Buddy Walk to support me and my friends.  All of my friends are joining me at the walk and there is a lot of awesome, amazing things to do.

Thanks for everything you imagined I could be and do.  This year, I'm a senior at Century High School, in choir, drama, and speech.  I'm so excited for my senior year and had a great summer going on my choir trip to Orlando, seeing all of my friends at the National Down Syndrome Conference, and joining my youth group at Steubenville in St. Paul.  You believed I could do all of these things and I am!!!



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Bonnie Johnson
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Julie Rudolf
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Vanessa Miller
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Becker Danell
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Brian and Kari Krohmer
Heather Lundeen
Kali Kiecker
Jerry & Kathy Schroeder
Donene Feist
Kim and David Jones
Lisa Soma
Kristen Votava
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Daymon Mills
Kyle Pearson
Sue Tideman
Lesley Phillips
Les Reimers
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Maria and Christian
Michele Stockert
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Becky Matthews
Renee and Waylon
Fortney Family
Chuck Erickson
Bryce Goebel
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Robert & Caryl Rutten
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Mark, Lita, & Gavin
Rancho Espelien
Deb Balsdon
Mike and Shawn Leingang
Moe, Kasey and Tyler Schroeder
Dan Donlin
Val Swanson
Steve Schulz
John McClintock
Margaret LoMurray
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Katie Johnson
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